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January 23, 2020 Words: Rory Martin

Sitka, Alaska

Written by Rory Martin


Gliding through the early morning calm waters on our way to Sitka, the colors of the horizon made for no boundaries - the sky and the water become one, and both were in harmony with the soft pastel colors of early light. This vista, that moment, lends itself to one of my favorite quotes: “We dream in colors borrowed from the sea.”

Sitka is a city of harmony — an inspired balance of heritage, history, and nature. Its location marries it with nature, and its past interlocks with the present. Known as the first and oldest city in Alaska, its place in history is impressive.

Serving as a major Russian port for the fur trade and designated as the capital of Russian America, Sitka proudly showcases its heritage. One of the main reminders if that is St. Michael's Russian Orthodox Cathedral, which was established in 1848 — the first of its kind in North America. The city also served as the site for the historic signing of the Alaska Purchase in 1867, which amounted to roughly 2 cents an acre.

Sitka is only accessible by air and sea. It is nestled between forest, mountains and coastline, making it perfect for adventurous excursions that showcase Alaska’s unmatched beauty. From salmon fishing, hikes in the Tongass rainforest, exploring the coastline by vessel or even taken in a round of golf (which boasts having some of the toughest and most beautiful holes in all of Alaska), Sitka is a wonderful delight.

Our weather today did not disappoint — with sun and warm temperatures, guests had a full day to choose and enjoy their pleasures.

With a gorgeous sky overhead and the towering Mt Edgecumbe in the distance, we pulled anchor and said our goodbyes to Sitka. Poolside, guests appreciated their last moments of this amazing place. With Seabourn’s, Caviar Sail Away Deck Party, guests gathered on the pool deck to enjoy the final sights and grow excited about what the next day will bring. Coupled with The Band performing beautiful melodies, the hotel team serving caviar and libations and the navigation team setting course for the Inian Islands, it truly was an extraordinary day in one of Alaska’s great towns.



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