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February 02, 2019 Words: Robb Report

Experience a World of Adventure with Seabourn

The most luxurious cruise line is on a mission to become the most adventurous.


In 2013, Seabourn changed the perception of what a luxury cruise line could be when its ice-strengthened ship Seabourn Quest ventured to Antarctica. The trip featured 18 expedition experts, a lecturing program, and off-ship excursions to give guests a deeper appreciation of a part of the world that few had experienced. With 229 beautifully appointed suites, a Thomas Keller restaurant, and other features and amenities more akin to a five-star resort than a cruise ship, Seabourn Quest became the most luxurious cruise ship to explore that region. From the success of Quest, Seabourn developed a program that would afford a similar experience for adventure-seekers on other ships and itineraries.

Ventures by Seabourn is an optional, for-charge offering on select sailings that includes zodiac, kayaking, and hiking tours designed to enhance itineraries in Norway, Greenland, Alaska, Canada, and other destinations conducive to off-ship exploration. For example, a Seabourn Quest itinerary in Northern Europe includes an expedition team that specializes in ornithology, geology, marine biology, and archelogy to give guests greater insight into the ecology of the destination and its Viking history, during both an onboard academic program and off-ship excursions. These adventures give guests a first-hand, immersive experience of remote destinations, their history, and wildlife with tours guided by Seabourn’s experts.

Based on the overwhelming interest in the Seabourn Quest and Ventures by Seabourn experiences, the company is now taking adventure cruising to an all-new level. Seabourn recently announced that it is building two expedition ships—vessels built specifically to go where other cruise ships cannot. With polar-class PC 6 hulls, an extensive expedition staff, a fleet of zodiacs and kayaks, two submarines, the Seabourn expedition ships will offer guests the opportunity to explore remote regions of the world. And of course, these ships—which will launch in 2021 and 2022—will not compromise the onboard experience, offering all the luxuries and amenities for which Seabourn is known.

People kayak around icebergs in Antarctica
A woman snorkels in clear blue water


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