August 12, 2019 Words: Stephen Milioti

An Overview of Seabourn's New Program, Seabourn Private Air

5 Reasons Why This New Chartered Jet Service is a Must-Try for the Ultimate in Luxury


Seabourn just elevated its offering — literally. It’s taking to the sky with Seabourn Private Air, a new private chartered jet service providing transportation to and from ports of call. And, this being Seabourn, that transportation is nothing less than exceptional. Here are 5 reasons why it just might make you never want to fly commercial again when you’re going on a cruise (or ever, for that matter):


Time is the ultimate luxury, and in many cases, private jet transportation is a more seamless (i.e., free of lines) experience than flying even the best commercial jets. Recognizing that a number of their cruise customers already prefer to travel by private jet, Seabourn is now taking care of arranging this option for them — making the Seabourn travel experience, well, about as easy as it gets. (The service even provides free transfers from home to the airport, and from the destination airport to the cruise port.*)


Just like with Seabourn’s cruises, they provide up-front, comprehensive pricing for each flight package — with no surprises or add-ons. No more having to parse through price lists and figure out additional fees. In addition, guests pay for the aircraft rather than by the seat; so the more passengers onboard, the lower cost per person, so bring your friends and family!


The Seabourn Private Air service is able to accommodate groups of virtually any size. Available aircraft includes light charter jets that can carry 5-8 passengers; mid-size jets sized for 7-8; and heavy private jets with capacity for 9-16. Simply tell the Seabourn Private Air Staff your group size, and they’ll find your best option. And while we’re on the subject of flexibility: they have access to thousands of airports that serve private aviation that may be much closer to home (as well as to most international airports).

Peace of Mind

Next port protection (up to 1,000 miles from original destination) means you’ll be well covered in case of delay. So truly, your biggest concern is whether to have another glass of champagne.


This probably comes as no surprise, but Seabourn will ensure that your private jet experience is every bit as luxurious as their cruise experiences. That means chef-curated food and beverages (including Regiis Ova caviar, K+M Chocolates, Montaudon champagne and a range of complimentary spirits), private valet luggage service, free Wi-Fi, and a Molton Brown amenity kit. Plus, cabin attendants — required on some flights, and available by request on others — ensure a level of service that’s worthy of Seabourn’s higher-than-high standards.

Learn more about Seabourn’s Private Air here.

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