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May 29, 2020 Words: Elliott Porter

Mykonos Nightlife

Perfect places to enjoy anything from a sunset beverage to an unforgettable night against a world-class beach backdrop.


Mykonos sometimes gets the reputation as an international hub for partying, and while it does feature some of the best nightlife in the world, one of the best aspects of Mykonos is its tamer and more refined side, which provides some of the best bars, restaurants, and live music in all of Europe.

Whether it’s a relaxing cocktail or dancing at a piano bar, Mykonos has something for everyone when it comes to what to do after a delicious dinner.

Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town is home to some of the island’s best nightlife options, and there are surely adventures here for every traveler to enjoy, no matter their age or preference.


Cosi bar resides on a small side street in the heart of Mykonos Town and is a relaxed and happy-go-lucky cafe in the daytime, with outdoor seating options under beautiful trees for sipping an espresso or afternoon cocktail, depending on your preference. That being said, as nighttime approaches, the cafe turns into a more lively scene, with DJs and dancing — but not at the level of some of Mykonos’ more intense nightlife locations. Long story short, formal attire and partying until sunrise aren’t a prerequisite to enjoying a wonderful night at Cosi.

Cine Manto

If dancing and DJs aren’t your thing but you still want to enjoy a night out after dinner in beautiful Mykonos, Cine Manto may be the place for you. Cine Manto is one of the most unique outdoor cinemas in the entire world. Surrounded by a garden as serene as it is green, relaxing and watching a movie here is one of the best experiences Mykonos has to offer. If you’re hungry for a bite or mid-movie beverage, there’s also a great restaurant on-site serving beer, wine, cocktails, and more.

Alley Cafe and Cocktail Bar

If it’s coffee in the morning or delicious cocktails, elixirs, and more later in the evening, Alley Cafe and Cocktail Bar, located in the heart of the city, is one of the best places to relax and take in some of the island’s more authentic moods. Drink some of the best cocktails made with pressed juices and garnished with fresh local produce, and enjoy the sounds of soul, classical, and jazz music. The bar is also just a moment’s walk from the Poseidon Hotel.

Little Venice

Part of Mykonos Town, Little Venice is a must-see fixture of Greece as a whole. If you’ve seen paintings of Mykonos, chances are you’ve seen a depiction of the Little Venice neighborhood. With its picturesque shops and buildings hanging over the turquoise, glassy-eyed waters of the Aegean sea below, dining at most of the restaurants in the area will require quite an early reservation. But the draw to most of these bars and restaurants is one of the best views of the sunset in all of the Greek islands, and to put it lightly, it is well worth it.

Not only is the food and drink in Little Venice top notch, but if you wish to not only dine by the sunset but view it from your own private balcony, this area provides some of the best balcony views via an eclectic mix of hotels and suites. Two of the best hotels in the area are Bluetopia Suites and Little Venice Suites.

Katerina’s Bar

To expand more on these scenic Little Venice haunts, Katerina’s Bar calls Little Venice home, and is one of the best spots to catch the sunset in the area. While an energetic seafood restaurant by day, this restaurant transforms into one of the best places to see the sun go down — and then some — in Little Venice by night.

Paraga Beach

Paraga Beach is a smaller beach on the south side of the island that maintains a quieter disposition compared to other areas of Mykonos. One of the best places on the island is Scorpios. This restaurant takes a holistic approach to fine dining and cocktail-making that separates it from the rest of the area. Not only does the restaurant and bar have a unique approach on nurturing yourself and your body, but you can find art from new, unique, and transformative creators to help stimulate your senses even more.

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