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February 05, 2019 Words: Bill Bradley and Noah Davis

Hop Off in Hong Kong

Exotic dining. Incredible shopping. Beautiful vistas. The ultimate insider’s guide to Hong Kong.


Hong Kong is a study in contrasts. Look one way and soak in the electric skyline. Turn your head and admire the stunning peaks. It is one of the world’s most breathtaking cities. The food scene has few rivals. The streetscape—bright and exotic—is unlike any other. And the shopping is world class. So when you make your way to the port in Hong Kong you’ll need an itinerary so you can hit the ground running. Here’s what you’re going to do.

First Things First: Dim Sum

The Cantonese delicacy is a way of life in Hong Kong. The bite-sized eats are served at every meal. Seriously: breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And you can’t go wrong. Steamed buns. Dumplings. Rice noodle rolls. And some steamed vegetables to round out the meal. It’s a fun and familial way to eat. If you happen to come into port on the weekend, you’ll see Hong Kong families enjoy a weekend brunch. Yan Toh Heen offers views of the harbor and is great for dinner. Seventh Son is perfect for lunch. And Dragon King is your first stop off the boat for a late breakfast.

Get Spiritual

If you have a full day off the ship, take the 40-minute train ride to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. A 20-minute hike—you’ll know you’re near your destination once you see statue buddhas lining the walkway—will bring you to the temple. The monastery was founded in 1951, though there are no longer monks who live on the grounds. You can still bask in the calm and spiritual splendor of the place and take in views and, if you’re hungry, a nice meal at the vegetarian Buddhist cafe.

Take A Hike to Victoria Peak

If you want to take in all of Hong Kong in its glory, make your way to the top of Victoria Peak. It’s the highest point and Hong Kong and the most famous view. If you’re not feeling the strenuous hike, you can take the Red Tram all the way to the top. But if you want to get in some exercise before you get back on the ship, take the Morning Trail. It’s about a 30-45 minute trek. Just remember to pack water and bug spray—you can thank us later.

Eat At the Cat Street Market

The historic Cat Street Market has been selling antiques, vintage wares, and tchotchkes for over a century. It’s a special place in Hong Kong, and where you’re going to pick up souvenirs for family and loved ones back home. But this isn’t just an open air market that caters to tourists. You have to hunt for the good stuff. Skip the storefronts with standard souvenir fare (postcards, magnets) and look instead for jade and handmade silk.

Get Suited

Hong Kong has long been a maker of beautiful, bespoke suits. And there is nowhere better or more renowned than W.W. Chan and Sons. Since 1952, W.W. Chan has outfitted natives, expats, and travelers in perfectly tailored and expertly crafted suits. If there is one thing you bring back from your stop in Hong Kong, make it a suit. You’ll never buy a new one off the rack again.

A plate of dim sum from Hong Kong Dim Sum is a way of life in Hong Kong, the bite-sized eats are served at every meal.
A view from Victoria Peak overlooking Hong Kong Make your way to the top of Victoria Peak, it’s the highest point and Hong Kong and the most famous view
A suit tailored in Hong Kong If there is one thing you bring back from your stop in Hong Kong, make it a suit.



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