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February 13, 2019 Words: Behind the Shield

From Lacy Fjords to Baroque Palaces: Seabourn's Summer in Northern Europe

Northern Europe has always been a real people-pleaser as a cruise destination, offering a wide variety of attractions that appeal to every traveler's appetite.


The rich legacy of history, architecture and art in Northern Europe have made it a perennial favorite for Seabourn guests. The region also offers fabulous shopping and seasonal culinary appeal, and now – with the addition of expert Ventures by Seabourn™ expedition teams, Zodiacs and kayaks on Seabourn Quest – we are adding optional active, immersive adventures to your options for experiencing it all on select sailings.

Robin West, Seabourn’s vice president of expedition operations, has worked with senior director of itinerary planning Timothy Littley to design an innovative series of specially curated itineraries taking full advantage of the many scenic natural splendors and cultural treasures of Northern Europe.

During the northern summer, Norway, the scattered British Isles, Iceland and Greenland provide a range of cruising destinations as unique and spectacular as anywhere on Earth. Their icebergdotted fjords and sheer island cliffs teem with vast colonies of breeding birds and other wildlife, and picturesque traditional villages and ancient Viking sites add intriguing human interest and fascinating history. Cruising there in summer, Seabourn Quest will carry an extensive team of knowledgeable naturalists, archaeologists, photography coaches and other experts who will share fascinating insights with guests on board and also escort optional Zodiac tours, kayaking excursions and hikes to breathtaking waterfalls, glaciers, icebergs and snowcapped peaks to enhance and extend guest’s experiences.

Our stunning new Seabourn Ovation will also sail in Northern Europe next summer, cruising the Baltic Sea to cosmopolitan Helsinki and medieval Tallinn, and staying three full days among the stately, baroque pastel palaces of St. Petersburg, during 7 day voyages between Stockholm and Copenhagen, alternating with voyages among the iconic and smaller, less-visited British Isles and extended cruises to the majestic fjords of the Norwegian coast and the North Cape.

A few examples of the variety on these innovative itineraries:

Gems of Iberia & France.
Seabourn Quest - 14 days Lisbon to Dover (London) May 3, 2019.
A European Grand Tour in unmatched elegance and ease. Follow the spring from Lisbon to London, sampling vintage port on the River Douro, Calvados in Normandy and lambic beer in Belgium. Visit the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela, castles in Ireland and Wales, and the elaborate palaces of Brussels, Antwerp and Paris.

Scenic Fjords & North Cape.
Seabourn Ovation – 15 days Dover (London) to Copenhagen June 7, 2019.
A spectacular journey among Norway’s towering fjords and snow-capped peaks, enlivened by visits to picturesque villages, charming cities and rustic, unspoiled islands – all glowing in the lingering light of the Midnight Sun. Bustling Bergen, the artnouveau façades of Alesund, the looming Lofoten Islands and Europe’s northernmost point – the North Cape itself.

An iron sculpture of a mermaid resting on a rock overlooking the Copenhagen bay
Green hills surrounding the sea in England
High peaked cliffs in Norway overlooking a light blue sea
A walk way of well manicured bushes and trees leading up to the St. Petersburg castle