September 25, 2019 Words: Mary Gallo

Calling All Wellness Wanderers

Seabourn cruises are designed to suit healthy habits — and inspire new ones, too.


For those who strive to live a healthy lifestyle, picking a vacation spot can be a serious challenge. That’s because it’s not easy to maintain a well-honed wellness regimen on a luxury vacation with inspired cuisine (and cocktails) tempting you at every turn.

Well, it might surprise those Wellness Wanderers that Seabourn cruises are not just a viable choice for them, but a downright inspired one. For one thing, all of the restaurants onboard feature freshly prepared cuisine with numerous options for healthy eating. But beyond that, there’s one major feature that makes Seabourn an ideal choice for those who want to travel and stay fit, no matter which cruise they choose: The Spa and Wellness with Dr. Andrew Weil.

The author of numerous books on wellness, Dr. Weil is at the forefront of the holistic approach to healthy living. He has a huge following of people who have embraced his philosophies and practice his teachings. And Seabourn has partnered with Dr. Weil to bring his values to life at sea, via this Seabourn-exclusive spa and wellness program.

Found on all five Seabourn ships, the spa features plenty of traditional offerings: manicures and pedicures, facials, massages, and a hair salon. Yet the experience goes well beyond that: a gym with the most advanced equipment, daily fitness classes, yoga, and Pilates studio, breathing and meditation classes – even an on-board acupuncturist. Plus, guests can book sessions with a Mindful Living coach, trained by Dr. Weil. Throughout the cruise, the spa also hosts complimentary lectures and presentations.

During a recent sailing, I had numerous opportunities to experience the Spa and Wellness with Dr. Weil. After a most enjoyable and relaxing massage, my therapist told me that Dr. Weil recommends a piece of dark chocolate. Who am I to argue with a physician? I also attended a free acupuncture seminar led by the onboard physician. I have long been intrigued by acupuncture but had never tried it. I told the acupuncturist I was a bit nervous about the whole needle thing, and he set me at ease throughout the treatment, explaining at every point why he was placing needles in different spots and what the goal would be. I learned a lot — and overcame my fear.

I also decided to try a complimentary session called the Tibetan Singing Bowls Sound Bath Relaxation Experience. In a space with about 20 other guests, I followed our facilitator’s instructions to stretch out on a yoga mat and close my eyes. He then began to run something that looked like a stick around the rim of a bowl, and a low-pitched humming noise filled the room. For the first few minutes, I lay there feeling somewhat … unconvinced. I could have been at the pool, basking in the sun with a refreshing cocktail in hand, but instead, I was in a dark room listening to a bowl hum. Not soon after, though, I felt myself being not-so-gently nudged by the person next to me – who proceeded to tell me that I was snoring so loudly that she couldn’t relax. Yes, I’d gone from skeptic to snorer in 10 minutes.

No matter the destination or the length of the cruise, though, Seabourn ensures that any wellness lover can experience a vacation that doesn’t just allow you to maintain your wellness goals, but just might also inspire you to set new ones.



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