Destinations · Northern Europe

From Lacy Fjords to Baroque Palaces: Seabourn's Summer in Northern Europe

Northern Europe has always been a real people-pleaser as a cruise destination, offering a wide variety of attractions that appeal to every traveler's appetite.

Destinations · Northern Europe

Northern Europe Beckons

From Scandinavia to Iceland to the UK, discover the unique cultures, stunning architecture and spectacular natural beauty in absolute luxury.

Destinations · Northern Europe · Things to do

3 Days in Copenhagen

72 hours in the crown jewel of Northern Europe

Things to do · Northern Europe

Seeing the Northern Lights from Norway

Your one-stop guide to catching the view of a lifetime.

Things to do · Destinations · Northern Europe

Best Time To Visit Iceland

When should you travel to this majestic, unspoiled country? The answer depends on your intended adventure.


Where & When Can You See the Northern Lights in Alaska?

Everything you need to know to catch the sight of a lifetime.

Destinations · Northern Europe

Best Waterfalls in Iceland

No visit to this magical country is complete without a good view of at least a few of these natural wonders

Things to do · Destinations · Northern Europe

An Excursion to Remember: Vigur Island, Iceland

From puffins to Eider ducks, birds are the word when it comes to exploring this idyllic isle.

Destinations · Northern Europe

Best Norwegian Fjords

There’s majestic beauty at every turn in this storied corner of the world

Culture · Things to do · Northern Europe

What To Do In Kristiansand

Enjoy the walkability of this southeast Norwegian port city.

Things to do · Mediterranean

Hiking Mt. Etna

How to get up close and personal with one of Europe’s most spectacular sites

Cuisine · Culture · Destinations · Northern Europe

How to Cook (and Eat) like a Scandinavian

The whys, whats, and hows of the everyone’s food obsession.

Culture · Northern Europe

Travel Tips for the Iceland Traveler

Traversing the subarctic paradise? Here’s your trusty guide.

Cuisine · Destinations · Northern Europe

Breakfast with the Locals: London

Relax over a morning cup of coffee at one of the many pubs and cafés that London has to offer.

Culture · Destinations · Northern Europe

You Need to Go to Ålesund

Come for the towers and turrets. Stay for the stunning views of the Sunnmøre Alps.

Destinations · Northern Europe · Estonia · Baltic · Culture · Things to Do

Things to Do in Tallinn, Estonia

This European city is a charming hub of art and culture

Destinations · Northern Europe

Best Time to Visit Sweden

No matter when you visit, expect stunning natural vistas, convivial traditions, community events, and a plethora of cultural attractions for every kind of explorer.

Cuisine · Northern Europe

Top 10 Dutch Foods to Try in Amsterdam

The ultimate culinary hit list for visiting the Netherlands’ capital.

Culture · Things to do · Destinations · Northern Europe

Here's What to Do at Alnwick Castle

Discover a place filled with Medieval magic.

Destinations · Northern Europe

Scandinavian Showdown: Sweden vs. Denmark

Actually, it’s more of a friendly competition when it comes to the traveler, as both of these countries offers natural and cultural wonders in spades.

Things to do

Experience a World of Adventure with Seabourn

The most luxurious cruise line is on a mission to become the most adventurous.

Things to do · Destinations · Asia · Northern Europe

The Most Luxurious Cities for Travel

Treat yourself with trips to these five lavish and modern locales

Cuisine · Culture · Things to do · Destinations · Northern Europe

Everything You Need to Know about Hákarl, Iceland's Fermented Shark Delicacy

Here’s something to get your own jaws around...or not.

Culture · Things to do · Northern Europe

Winter Palace Mysteries

Catherine the Great launched an art collection that spans the centuries with eternal beauty.

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